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Since a person's credit score can affect his or her finances, it is important to keep a track of  your credit report. Many websites provide the credit score and credit report on payment of a fee or if the credit card information is provided. However, there are some resources and techniques which can be used by a person to get a free credit report.

Equifax, Experian and Transunion are the three major credit rating agencies in United States and they maintain a record of  the credit history of an individual - the credit report. The credit report is periodically updated and the credit score is recalculated based on the financial transactions of an individual.  Each of  these credit rating agencies are required by federal law to provide a free report once a year to every individual listed with them.


 To obtain a free credit report, an individual has to access the website Annual Credit Report  (this website cannot be accessed through ISPs outside USA) . He can request a free credit report from each of  the credit agencies once a year. By requesting a credit report from one of  the  three credit agencies after a period of  four months, an individual can periodically  keep a track of  the credit  record over a year.


No credit card information is required to get a free credit report from this website. The credit report includes identifying information about an individual, credit history, public records and enquiries made to the credit file. You should verify the records on the credit report . If there is  incorrect information  in your credit report, a dispute can be filed with the credit rating agencies to get it corrected/ removed.


If  you are denied credit because of  your credit report, you can request a free copy from the credit agency. The credit report maintained by each of  the credit rating agencies may differ. However, a fee has to be paid, if  additional credit reports are required or the credit score is needed.