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No one likes to lose money and the lenders at a Prosper are no exception. Though a borrower may need money desperately and mention it  in the their profile, lending money is an investment for many of  the loan givers on the website. Like any other investment decision, the loan giver will carefully evaluate all information available before lending money.

Most loan givers check the credit rating and the profile of  the borrower. The credit rating cannot be changed by the borrower, but by paying some attention to the profile posted, you can improve the chances of  getting a loan and lower the interest rate.


Some of  the tips for getting a loan are:

1. Sound positive in your profile even if  you are desperate. If  your user name or terms in your profile indicate that you are desperate, it will put off buyers.


2. Provide a detailed description about yourself, do not leave the field blank.  The lenders like to have some information about the person to whom they are lending money.


3. Ensure that there are no spelling mistakes. Too many spelling mistakes indicate lack of  education, and people with little education will find it difficult to get a job and repay loans. Also do not write in ALL CAPS, which is considered poor online etiquette.


4. Provide specific information about how the loan will be utilized. For a small business loan, provide details of  the business plan , including revenue projections and expenses. For a personal loan, include information about monthly income such as salary and expenses like rent and grocery.